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Approach to quality

Acquired ISO9 001(ISO9001:2008 / JIS9001:2008)

  • Acquisition date: April 2005
  • Registration number: 2319
  • Scope of accreditation: head office and factory / East factory three

quality policy

  • We will strive to improve customer satisfaction by providing “quality” and “service” trusted by customers through actions.
  • We will build a quality management system and strive for continual improvement while practicing with all employees.。
  • We set goals and targets for each department and challenge.

Approach to processing hygiene

Acquired flexible packaging sanitation council certified factory

Acquired flexible packaging sanitation council certified factory

Acquired Certification in May 2012 (No. 250)

The flexible packaging sanitation council is an organization established from the viewpoint that hygiene management similar to food and medicine is necessary in the manufacturing process of flexible packaging materials. We will set up certain standards related to hygiene management (voluntary standard of hygiene control) and manage it.

Pressure control,Insect repellent measures,Floating dust/micro-organism measurement,Entry control,Hand wash,Roller brush,Alcohol disinfection,Air shower