Suggest everything related to “packaging”

All solutions related to “packaging” from planning to manufacturing up to delivering .

First of all, please consult your specifications / budget etc. of the requested product. Even if the specific standards are unknown, our experienced sales representatives will present materials, forms and designs most suitable for your products.

Also, if you already have a preliminary design, you can proceed to the next process stage as soon as the design room processes it. Of course we accept orders for design rising from scratch. As soon as the publication design is decided, we will issue a blue print / color proofreading sheet as preparation for cylinder making. This will carry out the final calibration and if clear it will proceed to cylinder making.

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We will make various kinds of bags by various bag making machines. For the form of the bag that can be created, please see “Products Lineup” page. It also supports special forms such as chuck notch processing and corner R treatment, special forms such as box pouches.

Strict hygiene control is required for the manufacture of food and medical products. We think that the packaging materials wrapping it are also the same. In each process, we checked independently with manpower, and we are in a system that “does not make defects” and “does not let defects go out of the company”.

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We are equipped with a three-dimensional automatic warehouse that can handle loading and unloading automatically, so we can deliver the products quickly and reliably. In addition to the headquarters in 2007, the East Logistics Center was opened separately to realize safer and speedier logistics.

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