Sugano Packing Materials are “Established by the Ministry of the Environment Eco Action 21 Certification / Registration Office “

Eco Action 21

Eco Action 21

For Eco Action 21, in order to build a sustainable society, it is necessary for every entity to address environmental issues positively.

Business operators are required to make efforts in energy conservation, resource saving, waste reduction, etc. among all business activities including products and services.

Eco Action 21 creates a system to tackle the environment, carries out measures to ensure that all business operators effectively and efficiently carry out environmental efforts, this is a guideline formulated by the Ministry of the Environment on how to create a mechanism to tackle the environment, make efforts, continuously improve them, and publish the results to society.

Based on the Eco Action 21 Guidelines, the Eco Action 21 Certification / Registration System is a system for reviewing, certifying and registering businesses that implement initiatives.

Sugano Packing Materials have acquired ‘Green Printing Industry Certification’

green printing

The Japan Printing Industry Federation (Japan India Federation) has approved the green printing factory certification system; it is a system to evaluate the achievement for environmental reduction based on green standards at printing factories.

Sugano Packing Materials are keeping in mind “the use of natural energy”


Introduction of solar power generation equipment (power generation output of power plant 340 kW)