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All solutions related to “packaging” from planning to manufacturing up to delivering .

Planning · Sales · Design

Sales department

Each salesman is a “packaging director” who has extensive knowledge related to packaging/ packages and also involves up to production management. What we are most comfortable with is planning sales that accurately judges market background and client’s needs and proposes optimal packaging plan by close cooperation with design department. From the proposal to the schedule management, based on the business policy to do everything alone, we manage responsibly until the moment of shipment.

Design Room

An equation of package design “selling” derived from a marketing idea. Design considers issues in manufacturing process and characteristics of materials from the design stage. And a little playfulness and adventurous mind stimulate the sensitivity of the person taking a hand. In addition to knowledge and experience, packaging professionals who have learned the client’s needs, we propose a design unique to packaging specialized companies, working from both functionality and design.